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At the restaurant: Some or any?

In this unit introduces to variety of food vocabulary and restaurant's situation. Students will also learn some grammar, as the difference between some and any or the construction of questions in a formal way.

Esta secuencia contiene:

  • De 3 a 5 horas

  • 7 actividades

  • 18 recursos

  • Idioma:

    • Castellano

Secuencia didáctica


  • Categorize food and drink vocabulary.
  • Understand restaurant's situation.
  • Express what they want to eat in a formal way.
  • Know when to use some or any.

Criterios de evaluación

  • He can recognize food and drink's vocabulary.
  • He knows how to do a correct sentence to ask in a formal situation.
  • He can express themselves in a restaurant.
  • He know when to use some or any in a sentence.

Cursos y asignaturas

  • 12 años:
    • Lengua extranjera
  • 13 años:
    • Lengua extranjera