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  • Reading

    EduBook Organización

    • 525 visitas

    ‘I have a lot of enemies now,’ Mowgli thinks. ‘I must go far away.’ He runs and runs until he comes to a village near a lot of rocks and ravines.1 He sees cows and buffaloes2 everywhere. Some…

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  • English Bites / Camp Ovens

    Xtec Organización

    • 2647 visitas

    Camping is a very popular pastime in Australia, many people travel to the outback a long way away from kitchens and other conveniences. The first festival having meat cooked in a camp oven was in 1999.…

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  • The Baby Triplets. A Little Bird in the Class

    Xtec Organización

    • 1654 visitas

    'Ugly', 'beautiful', 'hungry', 'thirsty' o 'scared' són algunes de les paraules que apareixen en aquest capítol de 'The Baby Triplets'. Les tres…

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  • The Baby Triplets. A Goldfish at Home

    Xtec Organización

    • 1407 visitas

    El protagonista d'aquest capítol de 'The Baby Triplets' és un peix. 'Water', 'dirty', 'clean', 'hot' o 'cold' són algunes de les paraules que hi…

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  • Halting the loss of Europe's biodiversity by 2010 | Recurso educativo 4321

    Halting the loss of Europe's biodiversity by 2010

    EducaMadrid Organización

    • 3299 visitas

    42% of Europe's native mammals are threatened with extinction, 43% of birds, 45% of butterflies, 52% of freshwater fish. The list goes on and makes terrifying reading. Worldwide, the loss of species is…

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  • Fighting Poverty | Recurso educativo 3973

    Fighting Poverty

    EducaMadrid Organización

    • 2866 visitas

    At world level, 10% of the population is below the poverty line. The developed countries, if they have the will of them, can contribute to changing the situation of those which live with less than one…

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