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Present simple to talk about the week

What do you do during your week days? more or less everyday is the same...Do you know how to explain that in english? We are going to learn how to explain what we do during the week. But, when is the best time on the week? YES! weekends. We are going to talk about the leisure time as well. To talk about daily rutine and weekends, first we have to remeber how to say the days and time. So, let's start!

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Secuencia didáctica

  • 1

    Day and time

    To talk about daily routine we need some knwoledge. We need to review some concepts you alredy know. Do you remeber how to say the days of the week and what time is it?

  • 2

    Routine song

    Watch the video about daily routine. Make a list with all the daily routines you do.

  • 3

    Daily routine

    Monday, Tuesday... every day we wake up, we go to the school... What else we do? To talk about daily ruitines we use present simple. Is so easy, check all the activities and learn it in a fun way.

  • 4

    Talking about the weekend

    It was a long week...Is time for leisure! During weekends we try to do different things.What do you do when is your free time? Where do you like to go? We are going to find out what our classmates do when it's time to go out! Then listen what those friends did at the weekend. Remember that it was last weekend, so they are talking in past tense.

  • 5


    Do you know what is he drawing? We are going to figure out the draws of our classmates. We will have to print the images out, we can add more, for example the weekend activities. We can do it all together or do it as a competition with two teams. One of us will have to go to the board and pick one the the cards, he will have to draw the activity and the rest of the class will figure out.

  • 6

    Show your knwoledge

    Well done!! Now is time to finish. But first show your knowledges about what we learnt in this unit.


  • Revise telling the time (7 o'clock, half past seven, quarter past seven).
  • Use the present simple to talk about routine and leisure time.
  • Use the structure of the present simple correctly.
  • Know the vocabulary about routine and leisure time.

Criterios de evaluación

  • Student will be able to describe their daily routine including the time that they do each activity.
  • Student will be able to talk in present simple.
  • Student will be able to read understand about the daily routine 
  • Student will uderstand when someone is talking about rourine and leisure time.

Cursos y asignaturas

  • 10 años:
    • Lengua extranjera
  • 11 años:
    • Lengua extranjera