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  • Vocabulary – Weddings and marriages

    EduBook Organización

    • 705 visitas

    Read the text about the picture on "Chapter 13" and complete the gaps with a word. The first letters of the words have been given to you. Mary and Sam, together with their friends are c their m.…

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  • Vocabulary - The text and beyond

    EduBook Organización

    • 677 visitas

    Find the words in Chapter Nine for these definitions: the past tense of ‘lie’ (when you put yourself in a flat position on a bed): after you have closed the door, you do this to make it difficult to…

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  • Vocabulary - Jobs - Mr Pickwick Employs a Valet

    EduBook Organización

    • 618 visitas

    Match the words in the box with a definition below. a woman who has a house or rooms that other people can rent a man who has a house or rooms that other people can rent a woman whose job is to clean…

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  • Vocabulary - Go back to the text

    EduBook Organización

    • 615 visitas

    We often use the phrase a ... of with uncountable nouns. Complete the a ... of phrases in these sentences with the following words. Julia gave me this of strawberry jam. Would you like a of coffee?…

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  • How to improve your vocabulary  SM | Recurso educativo 763814

    How to improve your vocabulary SM

    Francisco Cerrillo Docente

    • 1 lo usan
    • 290 visitas

    We have a series of vocabulary pages. Start by learning practical vocabulary. Learn words that are actually important to you at work, at home and out and about. Use stick it notes and label things…

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